Okay, folks, we’re halfway through Whole Grains Month – September – and the current total for our Whole Grains Giveaway is fifteen tons. That’s fifteen tons of whole grain products donated to food pantries, schools, and other worthy causes by members of the Whole Grains Council.

Our latest jump in the total came from Chabaso Bakery, in New Haven CT, with contributions to the Connecticut Food Bank, the American Heart Association, the Leukemia Association, and other charities. Chabaso joined early contributions from Caravan Ingredients, CCF Brans, Cream of Wheat, Dr. Kracker, Frontier Soups, HomeFree (formerly Gak’s Snacks), Hodgson Mill, Indian Harvest Specialtifoods, King Arthur Flour, Mary’s Gone Crackers, Mestemacher Bread / Carl Brandt, Riviana Foods, Shiloh Farms, Sunnyland Mills, and Whole Foods Market.

We’re bowled over by the generosity of our members, and will be reporting back here regularly as the Giveaway total climbs – with a final total appearing at the end of October. In the meantiime, you can learn more about the Giveaway and who all these generous companies are giving to, in the Newsroom section of our website. The WGC wants to make sure that everyone has access to whole grains every day. (Cindy – Sept. 14, 2008)

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