Last fall, the Whole Grains Council organized the giveaway of 129.9 tons of whole grain foods to food pantries and schools across the U.S., to highlight the importance of making whole grains available to everyone.

The small pile of bread shown here totals only 15 pounds, by contrast, but it’s my personal commitment to the same principle. I learned that my local food pantry in Portsmouth, NH was looking for people to “adopt a shelf” – to commit to restocking paper towels, or tuna fish, or soup, every week. They didn’t mention whole grains, but I looked into the situation, and now they have a whole grains shelf, which I’ll contribute to weekly.

Demand at food pantries in this region is up 30 to 40 percent, according to the Boston Globe, yet donations are down. We’re all tightening our belts, but if you’re still better off than the family next door, think about making a commitment to your local food bank. Don’t just clean out the dented cans in your kitchen once a year; pledge to be a regular supporter. Every little bit helps, and it feels good to think that these ten loaves will provide 100 healthy whole grain sandwiches this week.

I’m blogging on this today not to boast about this one small charitable act, but to keep myself honest. It’s too easy to start something with good intentions then drift away, so I wanted to state my commitment publicly. Plus, I’m hoping to inspire others out there. Any takers? (Cynthia)

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