Today’s blog post is a salute to Mark Bittman, aka “the Minimalist,” of The New York Times. In his column today, Bittman sings the praises of turning breakfast on its ear, tossing the doughnuts and other sugary sweets in favor of polenta, wheat berries, bulgur and other whole grains, eaten with a range of savory toppings.

Bittman asserts, “The foundation of most of these breakfasts has been whole grains, and making them a morning staple has done me nothing but good. I’m eating more of them, I’ve lost weight, the morning meal ‘lasts’ longer before I’m hungry again.”

One thing I always enjoy about Mark Bittman is his level-headed balance of health and taste, which goes well with his ability to make cooking seem simple and approachable. Check out his column today, including his recipes for Coconut Oat Pilaf, Polenta Pizza, and Wlld Rice with Quinoa Breakfast Stuffing – and the video of him making Wheatberries with Scallions, Sesame oil and Soy sauce. Breakfast will never be the same. (Cynthia)

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