Just a quick note today: Jamba Juice is now offering its steel-cut oats for only $1, throughout the month of March. To get this good deal, you go to their website and download a coupon.

I don’t know anyone at Jamba, and they didn’t pay me to say nice things about their chain. I’m only mentioning this ‘cause steel-cut oats are really really good, and you should try them. I know the chances are slim that you’ll cook them at home before you’re convinced, so try the coupon. Then, once you’re hooked on steel-cut oats, make them at home. Depending on where you buy steel-cut oats, you’ll probably pay about 12¢ to 25¢ a serving when you make them yourself. No time? Add a half cup steel-cut oats to two cups water in a medium-size saucepan, and bring to a boil. After they boil for a few minutes, stick the lid on, and leave the pan overnight. In the morning, it takes only minutes to finish off the cooking, giving you enough oatmeal for two.

I had my steel-cut oats with pears, blueberries, and walnuts this morning, while an early-March blizzard rages outside. Ahhhh. (Cynthia)

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