Tuesday afternoon I bought my first-ever bulb of green garlic from the Siena Farms stand at my local farmers’ market. It cut like a leek, tasted like a chive, and it enhanced the flavors of my millet mushroom medley so beautifully that I had to go back to the Farmers’ Market for more this morning.

With spring in full-bloom and market stands opening everywhere, now is the time to get your fill of the freshest fruits and vegetables and, at almost all markets, your whole grains too! You might be able to find whole grains grown in your own state, or bags of flour that have been locally milled for fresh, at-home baking. Bakeries are joining in, too, opening up stands with whole-grain breads and pastries to chew on while you peruse the market, or to buy for your upcoming week’s supply.


So this morning I set out determined to find whole grains. What greeted me first was a mountain of oval flatbreads, preening baguettes and bags of fresh croutons at Iggy’s Bakery stand. Iggy’s wholegrain sourdough and rolled oats leapt into my shopping bag in an instant! A few moments later, alongside my garlic greens, I spotted a small refrigerator with all kinds of prepared whips and soups and whole-grain salads. I bought the Quinoa Black Bean Salad from a local bakery Sofra (run by WGC culinary advisor Ana Sortun) for an extra special lunch – just delectable! 

Farmers’ markets are also the perfect spot to find plenty of delicious whole-grain accompaniments. They are always home to a plethora of freshly jarred jams and marmalades, tapenades and bean spreads, just waiting to be schmeared. If I could urge everyone to do one thing this spring and summer, it would be to find a nearby locale and get out there to enjoy one of the most beautiful grocery (and community) experiences one can find – the Farmers’ Market. And, when you’re there, keep on the lookout for a booth of fresh whole grains!







To inspire you even more, here are just a few cool whole-grain highlights of some farmers’ markets across the country (and the globe!):

• The Phoenixville Farmers’ Market in PA offers locally milled wheat flour from The Mill at Anselma, as well as freshly prepped whole grain breads, rolls and granola from Sweetwater Baking Co.

• Farmers’ Market shoppers in Oakton, VA area sure are lucky: Moutoux Orchard, one of the few farms that produces locally grown and milled flour in the region, will be selling its rare array of local grains at the Oakton Farmers’ Market this summer and fall. Their flour and grains including fresh wheat flour, spelt, rye, barley, buckwheat and oats truly set them apart.

• At the Cape Breton Farmers’ Market in Sydney, Australia, Dr. Michael Milburn hosted a day of Grain-Grinding demos on May 21st. A few days later, on the 26th, Dr. Milburn gave a Breadmaking Basics class in the Farmers Market kitchen!

• The Bread Alone Bakery, which has three locations in NY, delivers their whole-grain artisan loaves to farmers’ markets all over the Hudson Valley and NYC. In years past, their organic sour rye with caraway seeds has been the talk of the market!

• Massa Organics is having its FM debut at Sacramento’s Farmers Market this year. They cover several bases, offering brown rice, whole wheat flour, wheat berries and almond butter for coating.

• And, finally, Cake and Spoon delivers handmade pastries to the patrons at Austin, TX’s farmers’ markets each weekend this summer. King Arthur Flour is their main squeeze, but they use local stone ground cornmeal from Richardson Farms and a mill in Converse, TX for their scones and olive oil cake. Will they deliver to 2000 miles away?!?




Now, I wonder what delicious, fresh whole grains you’ll find at your local farmers’ markets. Any farmers near you selling grains or flour they’ve grown themselves? Or whole grain baked goods? If you discover some gems, please let us know – leave your comments below!

Happy eating! (Sarah)



It's exciting to see whole grains at more and more farmers' markets. Here in Portsmouth NH we have Brookford Farms, from nearby Rollinsford, selling 100% organic non-GMO soft white winter wheat for pastries, and hard red spring wheat for bread-baking. Local bakery Me & Ollie's is also at our FM, selling wonderful whole grain breads, including my favorite, aptly named "World's Healthiest Bread."

Ardelle Reynolds
We at the Cape Breton Farmers' Market in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada (not Australia) are excited to see our wonderful farmers' market mentioned in your article about whole grains -- we are dedicated to offering a variety of them to our patrons and love to help the community learn about the many benefits of a wide array of grains. We are lucky to be able to work with informed and dedicated people such as Dr.Michael Milburn. Thanks again!

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