Started in 1995 in Rome, World Pasta Day promotes the health benefits and pure pleasure of eating pasta, in every shape and form. This day offers an opportunity to highlight the nutritional and culinary advantages of this international food.  Found on every continent, pasta is an essential part of numerous traditional diets, but most famously, the Mediterranean Diet.   

Pasta is the perfect vehicle for adding more vegetables and legumes to the plate. Fueling the body, the carbohydrates provided by pasta are long lasting making it a perfect meal for anyone living a healthy dynamic lifestyle. And with the growing popularity of whole grain and gluten-free pastas, everyone can enjoy it!

The Whole Grains Council has approved more than 260 different whole grain pastas for use of the Whole Grain Stamp. These pastas offer on average 46 grams of whole grain per serving — very close to your minimum needs (48g) for the whole day!

Eat pasta at home, and don’t forget to ask for whole grain pasta at restaurants. A recent survey reports that about 80% of restaurant patrons want to see more whole grain pastas on the menu.  (Source: ConAgra Mills Pasta A&U Study, February 2010.) Every time you dine out, remind your favorite restaurants that you’d like the option of whole grain pasta!

Here are some delicious pasta recipes:
Pasta e Fagioli
Whole Grain Rotini with Braised Fennel
Penne with Pesto & Cherry Tomatoes
Cut the Fat, Keep the Creamy Pasta Carbonara

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