Don’t just take our word for it, check the facts.  The success of the Whole Grain Stamp can be measured in data collected by SPINS, experts in analyzing consumer purchases and following hot trends in the retail world.

In Spring 2010, we formed a partnership with SPINS and began sending them a monthly report of products registered with the Whole Grain Stamp.  In return, they track, evaluate and report the statistics in the natural and specialty products industry back to us – and to companies everywhere who want to understand the phenomenal momentum of whole grain products. 

Reviewing the sales figures over a quarterly and annual basis, the reports show us what’s happening in the marketplace.  Over the last year, sales of natural foods and beverages with the Whole Grain Stamp increased 9.9% across the board, while several categories saw momentous increases.

Category Increase in Sales $
Frozen breakfast foods 108.2 %
Bread and baked goods 48.7 %
Frozen kids’ and baby foods 42.7 %
Soups 35.4 %
Shelf-stable pasta 23.3 %
Chips, pretzels and snacks 18.5 %
Grains and rice 12.9 %

In addition to these categories, Hot Cereal, Entrees and Crackers also showed increases, though more modest. 

The SPINS data also show a 52-week growth of 46.3% in products labeled gluten-free.  This rise was reflected here at Whole Grains Council Headquarters, where we’ve seen a major boost in traffic on the Gluten Free Whole Grains page of our website.  We tracked a 21% increase on this part of our site between August and September 2011, and a jaw-dropping 282% increase since September 2010!

So while we like to toot our own horn and say how great the Whole Grain Stamp program is, the facts solidly back us up and prove its success. (Karen)

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