Did you know that we have a whole page of videos about whole grains and delicious whole grain recipes on our website? Even better, we’ve just updated the page and added new mouth watering whole grain concoctions! These videos are a great supplement to our recipe collection and offer some useful tips for the whole grain chef. Sometimes reading a recipe just isn’t enough and that’s why these videos are a great tool for the whole grain chef. 

Have you ever baked whole wheat bread at home before? Eric Rusch’s video will take you through the step-by-step process to end up with a hearty, homemade loaf. Have a little chocolate craving? Ellie Krieger (WGC Culinary Advisor) gets daring with chocolate and coffee (and whole wheat flour!) in her Chocolate Mocha Cake video.
The newest set of videos includes a fantastic yet simple pasta from celebrated Boston chef Jody Adams, hearty and healthy breads and muffins from Texas baking guru Maria Collins and much more. From useful tips on how to make your own whole grain pancake mix to keep in your pantry to a recipe for Bulgur Tacos with Roasted Red Pepper Sour Cream, these videos are a must watch for both tips on cooking whole grains and innovative ways to prepare them.  Warning: these videos will make you very hungry! (Mallory)


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