Bob Moore standing in front of milling machinery, holding handfuls of grain


This March, Bob Moore, founder of Bob’s Red Mill, will celebrate his 94th birthday. Additionally, 2023 marks the 45th anniversary of the founding of Bob’s Red Mill and the 20th anniversary of the first Whole Grains Council meeting! In recognition of Bob’s enormous contribution to the world of whole grains, and in celebration of both upcoming anniversaries, BRM and the WGC have planned a slew of collaborations for the week of March 6th. As a little sneak peek, we offer this delightful whole-grain themed Q&A session between Bob and Oldways and WGC president Sara Baer-Sinnott. 

Sara: I’ve got a few rapid-fire questions for you.

Bob: Alright, let me give them a try.

Sara: Your favorite oatmeal topping?

Bob: Well, I have a series of things I buy. I like turbinado sugar, it’s grown over in Hawaii, and we sell a lot of it. I’m a great nut fan, and I think they’re very healthy, so I have a whole retinue of nuts that I have every morning. Flaxseed meal, very, very healthy product. I also like bananas, and strawberries, and things like that. 

Sara: So, you’re both a sweet and savory guy in the morning. A little bit of sweet from the sugar, and then some flaxseed, and also nuts. Our director of nutrition, when she’s asked about dessert, always says, don’t worry about the sugar, but add nutrition in. Whole grains, nuts, fruit, make it a healthier food. Whole grains are such a great base to add things to, to make it even healthier, and taste good too. 

Bob: I agree with you 100%, and I have 94 years to back that up! 

Bob Moore standing in front of large silver grain silos

Sara: If you were a whole grain, what would you like to be?

Bob: Well, you know, corn is interesting. The Western world didn’t know anything about corn until they got over to America. It’s become a very important part of the world’s grains, and it started right here in America. With corn you can do so many things: corn on the cob is just great, and corn grits. And of course, there’s popcorn, what could be nicer than popcorn, and then cornbread… and although I don’t think they’re very healthy, corndogs, kids love that kind of stuff. There’s so many things you can do with corn! 

Sara: Fair enough! One last question for you. Where will your next travel adventure be?

Bob: Well, I like to travel around the world. I’ve taken many boat trips, and we just got back from one in Europe, up the Rhine, down the Rhine. We’re getting ready to go to Egypt to visit the museum and the pyramids. I have an avid interest in history and archaeology, so I take advantage of travelling anytime, anywhere. The success of our business has made it possible for us to travel and enjoy meeting people and telling people about whole grains and good health. It’s been a wonder, a real wonder, Sara.

Sara: I agree. Thank you for spending time with us at the Oldways Whole Grains Council, thank you for everything that you and BRM have done, happy birthday, and happy anniversary!  

Bob: Thank you so much, Sara!

We hope you enjoyed this fun chat, and make sure check back next week for a longer interview exploring Bob’s personal philosophy, the history of Bob’s Red Mill, and his advice for success. (Rebecca)

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