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September is whole grain holiday time here at the WGC, and we’re dreaming up all the best ways to fill our plates and bellies with whole grains this whole month. Happy Whole Grains Month to all of you! We hope you’ll follow along on social media (#WholeGrainsMonth) and join in as we explore recipes and cooking tips and discover all the ways that whole grains give back – to our planet, to our bodies, and to our taste buds. 

Ready to dive right in and join the party? Here are two fun, easy ways to participate:

#1 Play Whole Grain Bingo for a Chance to Win Prizes

This year, we’ve created a whole grain bingo card full of fun and easy activities to boost your whole grain intake. To play along with us just follow these easy steps:

1. Download your Bingo Card (and read the contest terms & conditions)

Digital PDF Bingo Card

Printable PDF Bingo Card

2. Complete the whole grain activities written on the squares of your bingo card and mark the finished squares as you go. Your goal is to complete five squares in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). Of course, we encourage you to complete extra squares as well!

3. Email your Bingo Card to wholegrainsmonth@oldwayspt.org for a chance to win whole grain goodies!

4. Keep enjoying whole grains, and stay tuned! We’ll be in touch via email if you are a randomly-selected winner.


This year we’re selecting 40 prize winners who will have amazing whole grain products and swag mailed directly to their door. Prizes include:

  • three rice cookers
  • five $100 cash prizes
  • whole grain products: whole grain breads, whole grain crackers, whole grain cookies, whole grain tortillas, whole grain pasta, whole grain side dish/main dish kits
  • whole grain ingredients: brown rice, quinoa, sprouted popcorn, sprouted quinoa, sprouted whole wheat flour
  • all sorts of swag: tote bags, cutting boards, pasta spoons, aprons, sweatshirts, etc.
Examples of WG Month prizes


Thank you SO much to all the WGC member company brands supporting this event:

  • Baker’s Choice Bread
  • Bakery de France
  • Barilla
  • Canterbury Naturals
  • Frescados
  • Homefree
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers
  • Mestemacher Bread
  • Minute
  • RiceSelect
  • Success Rice
  • To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company
  • USA Rice


#2 Expand your whole grain horizons

Eating whole grains is easy (and delicious) and we want to inspire you to choose even more whole grain foods this month. Did you know that the biggest sources of whole grains in the American diet are breads and breakfast cereals? These are among our favorite ways to eat whole grains, too, but why stop there?  This month we’re encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone and add in other sources of whole grains too: pasta, pilafs, crackers, even soups and smoothies. Go wild! 

chart showing 30 easy ways to eat whole grains

We’re looking forward to seeing all the tasty things you cook and eat! Remember to use #WholeGrainsMonth on social media and send us your bingo cards. Let us know in the comments which new whole grain favorites you find. (Caroline)

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