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Are you ready to #SampleWholeGrains on Wednesday, March 27th? No matter how you connect with whole grains—as a consumer, manufacturer, retailer, advocate, and more—there are tons of ways to get involved with our 13th annual Whole Day for Whole Grain! Held every year on the last Wednesday in March, a Whole Day for Whole Grain is a creative, open-ended celebration unfolding in different ways in hundreds of locations at the same time. Our goal is to have people everywhere saying, “That was great! Where have whole grains been all my life?”

Why celebrate whole grains? As an important source of fiber, essential minerals and other nutrients, whole grains in general are a food group associated with lower rates of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and other chronic diseases. They are also delicious and can help you unlock new flavors in your cooking! If you’re new to whole grains, here’s a helpful overview from our VP of Nutrition Programming. 

For those curious about whole grain products to try on WDWG and beyond, check out our Whole Day for Whole Grainshopping list, and keep an eye out for social media giveaways from Whole Grains Council members like Arnold Bread, Brownberry, Oroweat, and USA Rice for the chance to win! With less than 2 days left, it’s not too late to get involved! There are plenty of easy ways to engage with the day, including posting a whole grain recipe, product, or fact on social media—we have plenty of graphics and sample posts available on our website.

Want to get kids excited about whole grains? Our Whole Day for Whole Grain celebration is for all ages! We have fun activities available for the whole family to learn about whole grains, including a crossword,wordsearch, and quiz to test your whole grain knowledge. 


Videos are a great way to spread the word! Film a 30-second video with your phone as you sample a whole grain. You can show us the whole grain you are sampling, and the Whole Grain Stamp on the package that helped you know the amount of whole grain in the food.  You can Tell us what whole grain you are trying, how to prepare it, what it tastes like, or what you like about it. And if you’re feeling too shy or rushed to post a video? Share a photo instead! Upload to Instagram. Tag @wholegrains_council in the caption for a chance to win our Whole Grains Around the World menu plan book or a $50 gift card to Grain Place Foods. 

Another thoughtful way to celebrate is by donating whole grains to your local food bank or food pantryBetween the pandemic and inflation, rising food prices have exacerbated food insecurity, especially among families with children. Food pantries often request whole grains as part of their donations, but do not receive them. This year we’d like to bring our communities a little closer by sharing the goodness of whole grains with those who need it most. We’re asking companies, organizations, and individual consumers alike to commit to donating whole grain product to their food charity of choice. Find a Food Bank near you to donate to through Feeding America.

How are you planning on celebrating Whole Day for Whole Grain? Let us know in the comments below! (Vik)

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