Product Search

Many thousands of products now use the Whole Grain Stamp in dozens of countries. We’ve created this search page to help you find exactly the products that interest you, in your part of the world.

Enter a keyword or brand in the search box, such as “raisin bran” or “Nabisco.” Or, start by specifying the type of product from our list of almost 50 categories. Then, if you’d like, narrow your search further by choosing the type of Stamp (100% or 50%+ or Basic). You can also search by country or ask to see all foodservice products, all products designated as gluten free, or all sprouted-grain products.

The first four columns of the chart show (1) the brand name (2) the name of the product (3) the type of Stamp — 100%, 50%+, or Basic and (4) how many grams of whole grain are in a serving of this product, as stated on the Stamp.

In the final column, labeled “50%+”, you’ll see a check if the product contains more whole grain than refined grain (i.e., if 50% or more of the grain is whole grain). Please note that not all companies have yet sent us updated information to support this new checkmark and the addition of the 50%+ Stamp in early 2017.

We hope this page helps you discover plenty of new whole grain foods you can try. Enjoy!

Brand Product Stamp Gramssort ascending 50%+
Lotus Foods Brown Pad Thai Rice Noodles 100% Stamp 56 grams 100
Thomas HEARTY GRAINS 100% WHOLE WHEAT BAGELS 6 CT 20 OZ 50%+ Stamp 55 grams 90.88
Luvo Foods ROASTED CAULIFLOWER MAC & CHEESE 50%+ Stamp 55 grams 87.3
Nature's Earthly Choice Seven Grains (Club) 100% Stamp 55 grams 100
Wholly Moly! Instant Oats with Oat Bran 50%+ Stamp 55 grams 55
Pure Living Organic Sprouted Popcorn 100% Stamp 55 grams 100
Mars Food North America / Seeds of Change North America SEEDS of CHANGE® Quinoa, Brown & Red Rice with Flaxseed 100% Stamp 55 grams 100
Luvo Foods ROASTED CAULIFLOWER MAC & CHEESE Basic Stamp 55 grams 87.08
Dorset Dorset Seductive Choc Cherry Granola 50%+ Stamp 54 grams 78.2
Dorset Dorset Seductive Choc Cherry Granola 50%+ Stamp 54 grams 78.2
Husky Food Importers & Distributors Ltd. Organic Forest Berries Muesli 50%+ Stamp 54 grams 100
Village Harvest Origins Organic Coconut Turmeric Brown Jasmine 100% Stamp 54 grams 100