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Thanks for your good work in helping others understand the benefits of whole grains.

1. Welcome to Whole Grains

This colorful tri-fold brochure, which we fondly refer to as “Whole Grains 101,” is the best starting point for understanding the basics of whole grains, from their health benefits to their many delicious tastes and options.
Download Welcome to Whole Grains
in English (4.1M PDF)
Also available in Spanish on our Spanish Resources page.

2. What is a Whole Grain?

A reproducible graphic of a whole grain, showing the bran, germ and endosperm, along with a definition of whole grain. Can be printed in color or black and white, one page.
Download What is a Whole Grain?
in English (212K PDF) What is a Whole Grain?
en Español (245K PDF) ¿Que es un Grano Entero?

3. Getting Enough Whole Grains

This one-page black and white handout shows examples of the many different foods that can make up your 3 daily servings of whole grains. It makes a great coloring page for kids. With Teacher’s Notes in English.
Download Getting Enough Whole Grains
in English (336K PDF) Getting Enough Whole Grains
en Español (544K PDF) Como Comer Suficientes Granos Integrales

4. Whole Grains Made Easy fact sheet

This two-page black and white fact sheet describes the benefits of whole grains, explains how many servings are recommended each day, and includes a week-at-a-glance chart with easy ideas for enjoying whole grains every meal of every day. Created by the Whole Grains Council in conjunction with the American Dietetic Association and the Wheat Foods Council.
Download Whole Grains Made Easy fact sheet
in English (132K PDF)
en Español (139K PDF)

5. A Dozen Easy Family Whole Grain Recipes

Looking for a handout that will inspire families to try whole grains? This collection of easy recipes, attractively arranged in recipe-card format, makes a great starting point, with dishes like Whole Grain Pita Pizza, Italian Sausage Sandwiches and Swedish Apple Pie. Six pages included in the PDF – you can hand out one page or all of them, to meet your needs.
Download A Dozen Easy Family Whole Grain Recipes
in English (260K PDF)
en Español (397K PDF)

6. Whole Grains Store Tour

Now in both English and Spanish. An entire kit containing everything that supermarket RDs or managers, or community health professionals, need to introduce people to the health benefits of whole grains, and how to recognize legitimate whole grains in the grocery aisles. Click here to learn more.

7. Handout versions of some of our web pages

Some of our web pages are so especially popular that we’ve created handout versions of them, to support all of you who are helping to spread the word about whole grains. Also note that most of our web pages can be printed out as handouts if you click on the “printer friendly version” icon in the upper right corner.

a. Whole Grains A to Z In English (170K PDF)
b. Cooking Whole Grains In English (136K PDF) or en Español (156K PDF)
Spanish translation thanks to

8. “Whole Grains at Every Meal” PowerPoint Presentation on Whole Grains

Are you educating others about whole grains? Use our ready-made PowerPoint presentation that explains the health benefits of whole grains, tells how to find whole grains in stores and restaurants, and offers easy ideas for adding more whole grains to daily meals and snacks. Download PowerPoint here. (1.77M PPT)

We have a second PowerPoint, entitled Whole Grains 101, that’s available as part of our Whole Grains Store Tour. It is available in both English and Spanish and works great outside of the store tour if you simply edit slide 2 which refers to the store tour and tasting session.

9. Grain of the Month Graphics

Celebrate a different grain of the month each month, and educate your students or clients about the different tastes and nutrition profiles of each whole grain. You can get information about each grain on our website, and download graphics (6.5M PDF) of our distinctive Grain of the Month logo, for free, here.

10. Sprouted Grains Powerpoint

Want to help educate people on sprouted grains? This short PowerPoint explains what a sprouted grain is, and why sprouted whole grains are especially healthy. 
Download PowerPoint here (2M PPTX)