Many of our Whole Grain Sampling Day participants are planning some sort of trivia contest or quiz, so we’ve put together a kit to make it a bit easier. Here’s what’s included:

Question and Answer Sheets: This document lists 9 different whole grain questions, appropriate for a general audience (including students), and 3 more difficult bonus questions, as well as acceptable answers. This sheet is meant to serve as an answer manual for contest facilitators. (Download Question and Answer Sheets here.)

Question Cards: This document has the whole grain questions from the above document, typed in individual boxes. You can print this document on cardstock, so that each question can be cut into a separate card. (Blank cards are also included, so that you can type your own whole grain questions that are more specific to your environment.) Trivia participants can pick a question at random (see below) to determine what question they will have to answer, for a chance to win a whole grain prize. (Download Question Cards here.)

How does it work?

chalkboard with whole grain trivia questions

Option 1: Print question cards out and have participants draw cards out of a hat or bowl to determine which question they have to answer. Participants who answer correctly can win a whole grain prize.

Option 2: Number the questions on the question and answer sheet. Have participants roll a die (only 6 questions needed for this approach) or spin a wheel (get inspired by the photo from Giant Eagle Markets, above) to see which question the contest facilitator should ask them.

Option 3: Write out one or more of the whole grain trivia questions on a chalkboard or dry erase board, and see if passersby would like to answer it for a chance at a prize. Feel free to change the questions throughout the day.

Have you planned a whole grain trivia contest?
We’d love to hear how you’re using our kit!