What a delight to receive an update from our friends who run the Whole Grain Partnership in Denmark – and to learn that our Duck Boat trip around Boston encouraged them to drive all around Denmark passing out whole grain samples. Here’s a guest blog about this recent event, from Rikke Iben Neess, Campaign Leader.

Inspired by the National Whole Grain Sampling Day organized by the Whole Grains Council, we just celebrated our first National Whole Grain Day in Denmark October 24th. We wanted to give as many people as possible a good taste experience with wholegrain, increase their knowledge of our logo and campaign, and encourage even more Danes to eat more whole grain.

We went on a Whole Grain Roadtrip in an old orange Volkswagen bus from 1968 and visited Denmark’s three largest cities, starting out in Aarhus in Jutland, continuing to Odense, and finishing in Copenhagen, the capital city. The Volkswagen was the perfect vehicle for this trip; in Denmark it is also called a “Volkswagen rye-bread” because it is shaped exactly like a rye-bread, which we eat a lot of in Denmark :-). On the side of the bus, our slogan said, “Get a taste for whole grain!” [Photo below: giving away samples in Odense.]




In every city we did a lot of sampling and talked about whole grains. Business partners, health organizations, and the Danish Food Administration within our Danish Whole Grain Partnership participated in the event. and they also focused on National Whole Grain Day activities in their own organizations, in retail stores and in counseling centers.

Two of our famous Danish Whole Grain ambassadors participated in the roadtrip – and really made it fun for people to come by for a talk and a sample. Also our wonderful whole grain volunteers participated and did a great job. Our experience is that it was such a joyful day and amazing how many people stopped up to learn and talk about whole grains and get a free sample. [Photo below: Whole Grain Ambassadors Vibeke Hartkorn (left) and Lotte Heise (right) attract and delight big crowds.]




At the same time a commercial national radio station had whole grains questions every hour, and the listeners could win great baskets with delicious whole grain products. We also had a competition on our Facebook site encouraging people to share their best whole grain tip.

We were also broadcasted live on national radio in the morning on two stations — and the national television news also visited us on the road trip — but unfortunately the story didn’t make it to the news because of other stories. But we were happy they came by! [Photo below: The Whole Grain Roadtrip crew. Rikke is seated in the center, with blond hair and a gray scarf.]




A big thanks to the whole grain partners, the whole grain ambassadors, the whole grain volunteers and not the least the hardworking colleagues in the whole grain secretariat. (Rikke Iben Neess)


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I'm heading for Copenhagen this week and would have loved to be there for the whole grain sampling as I was in Boston. What a fun day!

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