What if there were one day when, everywhere you went, there were opportunities to try delicious whole grain foods?

You’d stop into the cafeteria at your workplace, and you’d be offered a taste of quinoa salad. Your teenager would duck into a quick-serve restaurant, and they’d ask, “Would you like that on a whole grain wrap, instead of the usual bun?” In the park downtown, a food company would be passing out granola bars to joggers. At dinner, as you serve whole grain pasta to your family, your fourth-grader would report about the whole grain pizza in her school lunch.

Check out our video, below, to get inspired about Whole Grain Sampling Day.


Get inspired for whole grain sampling day 2021 

The next Whole Grain Sampling Day celebration is on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. We’d love to have you join our 2021 celebration by planning an event at a school, grocery store, health center or food bank in your community, or by joining us on social media using #SampleWholeGrains. The links below provide ideas, inspiration, and supporting materials. As the time gets closer, be sure to let us know how you plan to celebrate so that we can spread the word! 

Learn How — and Why — to Take Part in Whole Grain Sampling Day

Sign Up Officially as a WGSD Partner

Click here to fill out our online WGSD Partners form. Right up through Sampling Day, we’ll list our partners’ plans and activities here on our website, to help drive traffic and media attention to your good ideas. Signing up is not required, but who doesn’t like free publicity? The sooner you sign up, the more visibility you get. 


For Manufacturers, Sign Up to Get Your Product Sampled in Stores and Schools

Click here to fill out our online Manufacturer Donation form. We host a Sampling “Matchmaking” Program where WGC member companies tell us which whole grain products they’d like to contribute to live events in March and we send this information out to our large network of supermarket RDs and/or universities (you decide which audiences you want to work with). The RDs/schools/etc. reach out directly if they are interested in sampling your product — there is no guarantee that your products will be selected, but if you don’t sign up, you definitely won’t have the opportunity. We start distributing the list at the end of December, so there’s a strong advantage to signing up early!


Downloadable Resources to Help Implement Your WGSD Plans

The Whole Grains Council provides a full suite of resources for companies and organizations planning to take part in Whole Grain Sampling Day. 


  • Social Media Ideas & Sample Tweets - Be sure to use the hashtag #SampleWholeGrains, and tag us @OldwaysPT
  • Downloadable Graphics & Logos - Use our official Whole Grain Sampling Day logo in your marketing materials. Other graphics (including social media sized ones) also included.
  • Customizable Press Release - Download this customizable press release to announce your Whole Grain Sampling Day plans and build momentum. 
  • Event Flyer - Post this flyer at your Whole Grain Sampling Day event so that attendees know where they can get more information.


  • Whole Grain Trivia Contest Kit - This FREE kit comes with downloadable questions and answers, so that you can host your own trivia contest or populate a “spin-the-wheel” quiz
  • Guess the Grains Quiz - If you have internet access at your event, have visitors take our 10-question “Guess the Grains” Quiz. This is also a great tool if you have tablets (such as an iPad) at your booth/event.
  • Whole Grain Word Search — Print copies of this word search to pass out at your sampling event. Puzzle and answer key both included. 
  • Whole Grain Crossword — Pass out copies of this fun crossword so that visitors to your event have something fun to take home with them. Puzzle and answer key both included. 


  • Browse our FREE Handouts - From the truth about grain-free and gluten-free diets, to the sustainability benefits of whole grains, to easy whole grain recipes, we have a handout suited for any audience.
  • Get whole grain posters, buttons, & stickers - We offer buttons, stickers and posters at cost to commercial ventures – and free to nonprofits and educational groups.


Previous Whole Grain Sampling Day Celebrations (2012-2020)

Check out how Whole Grain Sampling Day was celebrated during previous years, as you complete plans for your own Sampling Day partner activity: