Last week, the Whole Grains team had a wonderful visit from one of our founding members: Barbara’s Bakery, now part of Weetabix. We always jump at the chance to get a little face time with our members and hear what they have to say about the Stamp, business, whole grains and life in general!

Although we have over three hundred fifty Whole Grains Council members, we can count on our fingers the number who have actually made a pilgrimage to the Mother Ship here in Boston. We love getting to know our members and hearing their whole grain success stories.



Barbara’s Bakery specializes in cereals and snacks, many for children, and they reported that parents love the Stamp and look for it on Barbara’s products-now that’s what we like to hear!  We enjoyed getting to know these four members of the Barbara’s Bakery marketing team, and hearing about the company’s commitment to high quality natural products and sustainability. Plus, we got some cool little stuffed puffins to put on our desks.


Along with happy news about their Stamp success, Barbara’s had many questions about how they can be more involved with the Whole Grains Council and we, of course, have many ways to get them and you involved. Our next big whole grain extravaganza is Whole Grain Sampling Day so mark your calendars, companies and consumers alike, for April 3. Last year was a wonderful success and we’re looking forward to getting out there and spreading the delicious whole grain word.

All in all, it was wonderful putting a face to the email addresses and phone conversations, and we encourage all of our members to come visit when and if you’re in the Boston area! (Mallory)



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