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In a season where warm, rich, celebratory meals and holiday desserts are the order of the hour, whole grains can not only be incorporated, but can elevate your holiday cooking and baking to a whole other level.
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On November 2, 2021, the American Heart Association (AHA) updated their dietary guidance for the first time in 15 years. Not surprisingly, whole grains remain a key feature of a heart-healthy diet.
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Climate change and global warming are issues that demand innovation and a rethinking of the status quo at just about every level.
Whole Grains: Its time to act for you and the planet! Join us November 16, 9.30ET
November brings with it a noticeable hum of excitement in the global whole grain community as International Whole Grain Day approaches! This year, the WGI International Whole Grain Day celebration focuses on why choosing whole grains is good for you, and for the planet.
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Whole Foods Market announced their list of upcoming 2022 food trends this week, and we’re especially excited to see that “Grains that Give Back” is highlighted as a top trend to watch. Find out how to try this trend yourself and which whole grains to shop for.
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New research demonstrates that an increase in average whole grain consumption could significantly reduce the risk of chronic disease as well as all the associated healthcare costs.
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It is always inspiring when a meal containing healthy whole grains comes together in a flash, so what better time than Whole Grains Month to introduce the world of quick-cooking whole grains?
Don’t miss the year’s most spelt-acular event.
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Fad diets that drastically cut food groups (like whole grains!) and attempt to reshape your physique for the sake of vanity may not have your body’s best interest in mind. Research demonstrates that people who eat more whole grains tend to have smaller waist sizes and less visceral fat (the type of...
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The data of the past 18 months paints an interesting picture of American purchasing habits and preferences. There are always changes in data from one year to the next, but this was no ordinary year. So much about our lives have changed, including how and what we eat.
Top Two Reasons for Choosing Whole Grains
Did you know that consumption of whole grains has risen because of the pandemic? Or that the number of consumers who choose whole grains for their environmental benefits is on the rise? The results of the 2021 Whole Grains Consumer Insights Survey are in.
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Even if you use pasteurized eggs, there is another reason that raw cookie dough could mean playing roulette with your immune system… the raw flour! The FDA explicitly cautions against consuming raw flour, a lesson that could potentially extend to other raw grains as well.