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Our September Whole Grains Month celebration is always special, but this year felt like it had extra oomph! We hosted two amazing webinars and four fabulous live conversations with experts broadcast on our social media platforms. We engaged with old friends and new followers alike through our monthlong Whole Grain Contest, challenging people to try new whole grains and share them with friends and family. We were so impressed by the incredible generosity of our WGC member companies, who together committed to donating a total of 320 cases of whole grain product, sent to three different food banks and pantries. It was a truly impactful month! Here are some of the highlights:

Mission Oak Cliff’s Food Pantry Was Selected to Receive 100+ Cases of Whole Grain Product

This year, each of our six Whole Grain Contest winners was given the opportunity to nominate a food charity of their choosing for a chance to win whole grain product donated by our member companies. We are so pleased to announce that the charity randomly selected as the winner was Mission Oak Cliff Food Pantry in Dallas, Texas, nominated by contest winner, Joyce Manalo!


Mission Oak Cliff works to improve food security, encourage meaningful relationships, and teach life skills in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. In 2021, they provided groceries to 14,752 individuals, distributing 542,461 pounds of food worth about $1 million. Additionally, they assist families with enrollment in government programs, they serve meals through their Homeless Welcome Center, they provide food delivery service to families in need, and they teach ESL classes in the community. 

Joyce Manalo, who nominated Mission Oak Cliff, is a health coach at Kala Health & Wellness and has previously volunteered with Mission Oak Cliff. Joyce told us, “When the pandemic hit, I was looking for local organizations that delivered food to neighbors who needed to quarantine. MOC was one of the few organizations in my neighborhood that delivered food to families. My husband, Paul, and I decided to volunteer. It was a humbling experience and we are grateful to help our neighbors in this small way.” In addition to particpating in our Whole Grain Contest, Joyce posted weekly whole grain videos on her YouTube channel throughout the month of September, helping to educate people about lesser-known whole grains. “I’m grateful that my effort in participating to promote better nutrition by eating more whole grains led to actually sharing whole grains with my community! I’m so excited how all this came full circle!!!”

In addition to the 100+ cases of product being sent to Dallas, two of our member companies made special arrangements to donate product locally bringing the grand total of cases donated to 320! We are so proud to have played a small role in helping this happen. THANK YOU SO MUCH to the members who contributed: 

Bluebird Grain Farms, Canyon Bakehouse, Carl Brandt and Mestemacher Bread, Catallia Mexican Foods (Frescados Tortillas), Conifer Foods (Canterbury Naturals), Dave’s Killer Bread, Goose Valley Natural Foods, Homefree, Lotus Foods, Lundberg Family Farms, Mary’s Gone Crackers, Pereg, Riviana (Minute/Success Rice), Rockport Flour Mill (Coyote Pancake and Waffle Mix), Sunnyland Mills, To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company, USA Rice, and Wasa.

Webinars and Live Conversations

In addition to our contest and food donation event, this month was packed with great conversations with whole grain experts, dietitians, cookbook authors, and even food photography gurus. If you missed out on any of these great events and Q&As, be sure to check them out now!  


We hope you’ll join us as we celebrate both International Whole Grain Day (Novmeber 15, 2022) and Whole Day for Whole Grain (March 29, 2023) in the coming months. In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy some cozy, whole grain dishes as cooler weather arrives. Tell us what you’ve got on the menu in the comments below! (Caroline)

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