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Here in the Northeast the snow this week is reminding us that winter is not quite over yet, with a month left until Spring! These colder days have been the perfect time to enjoy warm recipes featuring whole grains.
banana millet breakfast porridge
With the International Year of Millets behind us, we caught up with Don Osborn, co-founder of the North American Millets Alliance, to learn more about how the landscape for millets has shifted, and what to expect next from these versatile ancient grains.
freekeh salad with black lentils and dried cherries
The Mediterranean Diet has been getting a lot of great press recently, and did you know that whole grains are one of the foundational foods of the Med Diet? If many traditional Mediterranean grains sound new and unfamiliar to you, we’ve got a great tip to help you expand your whole grain repertoire.
chart from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans detailing whole grain recommendations for toddlers
The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that toddlers ages 12-23 months who are no longer receiving human milk or infant formula make anywhere from 67-89% of their grains whole -- a detail that has largely gone unreported in nutrition communication.
Best Pumpkin Pie Ever
American Thanksgiving is coming up, and it's time to start planning your whole grain dishes. Read on to find out how whole grains can elevate everything from stuffing to dessert– and even mashed potatoes!...
Children eating lunch at a picnic table outside
Whole grain consumption is linked with a wide range of benefits for children and getting the next generation hooked on whole grains helps instill long-term habits for good health.
Assorted Grains in bowls and slices of bread
From intermittent fasting to restrictive dieting, Americans are targeted left and right by messaging advising them what not to do and what not to eat. However, research on the gut microbiome suggests that a different approach is warranted: Eat more. Specifically, more types of plants.
Assorted whole grains - dry
Four women in the whole grain world share their insights, advice, and stories with us in this interview.
colorful salad with carrots, noodles, cabbage, and peanuts
A misleading new study alleges that "including a moderate amount of whole grains is optional for a healthy diet" -- a finding at odds with prevailing nutrition research. Experts join us to break down the science. ...
Whole Grains Month bingo card
Play along with us for a chance to win amazing whole grain prizes.
large version of consumer insights survey graphic
Our 2023 Whole Grain Consumer Insights Survey found many indicators that consumers are increasingly seeking whole grain foods, not only for their health benefits, but also because consumers see them as tasty and sustainable.
Pasta salad with basil, grilled cantaloupe, and prosciutto
A full day of whole grain meals, without turning on the oven!