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Whole Day for Whole Grain will be held on March 27, 2024!

Our Whole Day for Whole Grain event is a great opportunity to spread the word about the goodness of whole grains. Use your online platform to promote whole grain foods and recipes, and encourage your followers to give them a try. 

Why Whole Grains Are Important

An important source of fiber, essential minerals and other nutrients, whole grains in general are a food group associated with lower rates of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other chronic diseases. They are also delicious and can help you unlock new flavors in your cooking! If you’re new to whole grains, here’s a helpful overview from our Director of Nutrition. 

Why Participate in A Whole Day for Whole Grain?

You’ll join an active online community that includes bloggers, influencers, dietitians, brands, food manufacturers, retailers, and food service providers. Together, we’ll amplify each other’s messages. It’s a win-win: we’ll promote and interact with your posts, and you’ll help more people learn about whole grain foods. (Need a quick post idea? Check out our downloadable logos and graphics

5 Ways to Participate in A Whole Day For Whole Grain

1. Use video to bring Whole Day for Whole Grain to life 

2. Post a blog with a whole grain recipe, fact, or story
Blogger Posey O’Brien’s Chocolate Teff Muffin blog in honor of a Whole Day for Whole Grain


3. Post a whole grain recipe, product, or fact on social media

Post your own whole grain recipe, a photo of a whole grain takeout dish or grocery store product, or a fact about whole grains on social media.



4. Spread the word before March 27 - Announce your participation

Our downloadable logos and graphics make it easy to spread the word about Whole Grain Sampling Day! Feel free to download and post these images with the #SampleWholeGrains tag. 

Need more ideas? View our sample posts and social media ideas for inspiration. 



5. Invite a friend (or your followers) to participate

The more, the merrier! Everyone is welcome to post on March 27 to celebrate a Whole Day for Whole Grain. You can be the one to extend an invitation to your followers, friends, and colleagues! 


Stay in Touch

No matter how you decide to participate—video, blog, social media post—be sure to let us know so we can promote you!

On social media, tag: 

@wholegrains_council on Instagram
@OldwaysPT on Facebook
@OldwaysPT on Twitter
@Oldways_PT on TikTok

If you’re writing a blog post: 

Tell us about your plans and when you plan to post, or send a link, to Caroline Sluyter