The Whole Grains Council wants to support everyone who’s helping spread the word about the health benefits of whole grains, or about easy ways to find and enjoy more whole grains.

Five Kinds of Free Educational Materials

Our website offers consumers, teachers, dietitians and health professionals a wealth of information in five main ways:

  1. Our website. Much of our information is on our website pages, which you’re welcome to print out and use for educational purposes. Please credit the Whole Grains Council when you share our efforts with others.

  2. PDFs (and more!) from the Whole Grains Council. Some of our most popular information is in PDF form, so you can easily print out multiple copies for classroom use or for handouts at events. A few of our pieces are also in Spanish. There’s even a PowerPoint presentation on whole grains, and our new Whole Grains Store Tour.

  3. Materials from WGC Members. We’ve created a directory of the free materials many of our WGC members offer to the public. Some of them are in PDF form, with a link for instant downloading. For others, we’ve listed contact information so you can call or email for free copies.

  4. School Lesson Plans. If you’re a classroom teacher, don’t miss our five-lesson whole grain curriculum for upper elementary students, or the opportunity for a special breadmaking class.
  5. Podcasts. We’ve partnered with the IDDBA (International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association) to create three great podcasts to help supermarkets, delis and other food companies learn more about whole grains. Topics include (1) Understanding Whole Grains (2) Whole Grain Nutrition and (3) Increasing Sales Using Whole Grains.  Click here to go to the IDDBA site and view these podcasts.