The Whole Grains Council is your hub for all things related to whole grain education. Click on an activity listed below to learn more and to download the materials.


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From the Oldways Whole Grains Council
This presentation runs about 20-minutes, with an interactive label-reading activity and quiz. Catered towards teens, this presentation is designed to teach what whole grains are, why they’re important for teens, and how to find them. Click here to download this presentation.

“Choose Whole Grain Bread Instead” and “Choose Brown Rice” Whole Grain Handouts with Scavenger Hunt & Recipe Activities

From the Whole Kids Foundation
“Choose Whole Grain Bread Instead,” a colorful, double sided handout from the Whole Kids Foundation, has lots of information on why whole grains are healthy, and how to find them. The whole grain scavenger hunt activity at the bottom of the first page is intended as a grocery store activity, but can easily be adapted to the classroom if you bring in a variety of food packages (or pictures of food packages). It also comes with four whole grain recipes for kids to take home and try (although the Whole Grain Wrap could be made in a classroom, as it doesn’t require cooking). 

The Whole Kids Foundation also has a similar handout called “Choose Brown Rice,” with information on why brown rice is healthier than white rice, along with three take home recipes, and one hands-on recipe activity. Click to download the “Choose Whole Grain Bread Instead” activity here, and the “Choose Brown Rice” activity here.


From the Home Baking Association
For those with access to kitchen supplies, this activity is a fun way to explore the history of a familiar food, and get some hands-on experience baking with whole grain flour. After all, when kids have a hand in making a recipe, they are more likely to try it and enjoy it. According to the Home Baking Association, elementary youngsters and high schoolers alike all enjoy this lesson, as the instructor chooses the most fitting questions to explore with the students. Click here to access the lesson.

Links to Purchase Whole Grain Videos

Whole grain DVDs are a commonly requested resource from teachers. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lending library of whole grain DVDs. However, after searching online, we came across a few DVDs that may meet the needs of your students.

  • Create a Great MyPlate is a 20-minute video for grades 6 — adult and is a general overview of healthy eating, which includes a section on how to make at least half your grains whole ($79.95). Click here to learn more and to purchase.

  • What’s On MyPlate is a 22-minute video for grades 6 — adult and is also a general overview of the best food choices from each food group, including the grain group ($49.95). Click here to learn more and to purchase

  • Whole Grain Essentials is a 33 minute video from King Arthur Flour about techniques for baking with different whole grains ($24.95). Click here to learn more and to purchase.