November 2017

Would you go clothes shopping and settle for jeans with one leg, or a sweater with just one arm? Of course not. So why settle for less than the whole shebang when it comes to grains?
Freekeh Brussels Sprouts
Feature the fuller, nuttier flavor of whole grains, to take your holiday meals up a notch this year.
Sargent Choice Chocolate Chip Cookies
With a steady source of butter, sugar, and artisan chocolate at their disposal, pastry chefs have a knack for navigating direct routes to our taste buds. But recently the biggest source of flavor in baked goods is coming from somewhere you would never expect: the flour.
Ethiopian Food on a base of injera
Could teff be the reason Ethiopian runners are frequent Marathon champions? Some runners think so, prompting us to take a good look at the facts.
Millet requires very little water and tends to be resistant to many of the pathogens and pests that plague commodity crops like corn and wheat. Given these agricultural benefits, it’s no wonder millet’s popularity is on the rise in dry regions from Asia, to Africa, to our very own Western US.