In the last decade, whole grains have broken through many barriers. Understanding of their health benefits has increased; more delicious whole grain products are available on store shelves and in restaurants; dietary guidelines and school food policies now mandate them; and consumer attitudes are positive.

The Whole Grains Council’s November 9-11, 2014, conference in Boston detailed how we’ve overcome these barriers — and offered in-depth information on how we can overcome today’s biggest remaining barrier: fads and misinformation that can turn people away from healthy whole grains. 

Tour the Highlights of this conference

You can read a blog with photos and great quotes from the conference here, then take a virtual tour of conference highlights below:

1. PowerPoints and Videos of Speakers and Panels
Click on the link above to see the entire program of the conference, including downloadable presentations and videos from most of the speakers. 

2. Reference Materials from the Conference Binder
At every Oldways conference we provide a program book packed full of background information that deepens attendees’ appreciation of the conference, with useful background materials. Click on any of the section titles below, to download this information, for free!

Speakers’ Bios and Abstracts (Section 2, 17 pages)
Check out the expertise of our speakers and thumbnail descriptions of their presentations.

Breaking Barriers, Busting Myths (Section 3, 18 pages)
• Whole Grain Momentum – trends and statistics
• Myths Busted – We demolish 8 popular myths about grains
• Education Changes Everything – A selection of some of our most popular handouts

Making Whole Grains Even Healthier (Section 4, 22 pages)
• Sprouted Grains – benefits of sprouted grains, and 2 bread recipes
• Sourdough Fermentation – new research on “old ways” to reduce gluten in wheat
• Glycemic Impact – choosing the right carbs, including the documented pasta difference

Gluten and Celiac – What are the Facts? (Section 5, 6 pages)
• Gluten & Celiac Disease: Key Points You Should Know
• Gluten Free Doesn’t Mean Grain Free, including chart of GF grains

The Whole Grains Council and the Whole Grain Stamp (Section 6, 9 pages)
• The WGC’s Mission and History
• Whole Grain Stamp Facts and Figures
• The WGC: Breaking Barriers, Making a Difference

Oldways Programs – Health through Heritage (Section 7, 10 pages)
• The Mediterranean Foods Alliance
• Oldways Vegetarian Network
• African Health and Heritage
• The Oldways Nutrition Exchange (ONE)
• Supermarket Dietitian Symposium
• Cheese of Choice Coalition
• Oldways Culinary Travels

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