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As with many things during the pandemic-induced time at home, our relationship with cooking has had its ups and downs. Months (or days, or maybe just hours) of kitchen inspiration have fizzled, replaced by the desire for only take-away, or no real desire for much at all. If you are feeling a bit bored, uninspired, or unmotivated we hear you – and may have just the thing to help liven things up. Come celebrate Whole Day for Whole Grain with us on March 30! It just may inspire you, or at the very least offer some easy switches in your routine to mix things up a bit without much effort. If you’re looking for even more excitement, make sure to participate in our social media contest for a chance to win our Whole Grains Around the World  cookbook!

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Grocery Shopping List

Whole grains are known to add flavor and nutrition to meals and retail products alike. Looking to pick up something new from the grocery store but don’t know where to start? Whether it be bulk whole grains, snacks, or cereals we’ve got you covered. Check out our handy grocery list of Stamped products just in time for our Whole Day for Whole Grain Celebration! To carry the Stamp, a product must have at least 8g of whole grain per serving so whichever Stamped product you choose, you can be sure you’re getting at least a half serving of whole grain!

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Easy Swaps

No need to completely upend routine to try something new. Thursday can still be pasta night, but maybe try some whole wheat pasta for a change. It holds up much better to sauces and other toppings and adds substance to a meal. If you’re ready for a new pasta go-to, try Beet Green Pesto Pasta or keep it simple with Pasta with Peas.

Looking to clean out the fridge? Use a whole grain base in a grain bowl (whole grain farro is a staff favorite) and use whatever veggies and pantry staples you have on hand to build out a meal. Stir-fries and fried rice are also great customizable recipes. Brown rice stands up to heat much better than white rice, making it an optimal base for any version of fried rice or stir-fry you – or your fridge – come up with.

Pancakes and waffles are one of our favorite easy swaps. Switch half of the flour in your favorite pancake or waffle recipe with whole grain flour for a morning treat. While whole wheat tastes great and is often already waiting in your pantry, feel free to play around! Buckwheat is a fan favorite over here — its nutty tones sing with a healthy dose of maple syrup — and our Simple Spelt Pancake recipe courtesy of King Arthur Baking is one of the highest-rated recipes on our site. Looking for a gluten free option? Try out these fabulous Plantain Millet Pancakes!

Quick Cooks

Black Bean Bulgur Orange Salad

Our website is full of quick and easy recipes fit for any schedule and any meal. Our recipes are searchable by grain, meal, and other variables making it easy to find the perfect recipe for your needs. Left-over brown rice from a stir-fry? Try a Mediterranean-inspired breakfast bowl. Find some forgotten grains in the back of the pantry? This Black Bean and Bulgur Salad is great with just about any type of grain.

As we have written about before, there are so many quick-cooking whole grain options fit for any meal, as well as short cuts for some of the longer-cooking whole grain options. Manufacturers have also come up with ways to reduce necessary at-home cooking time such as precooking or parboiling the whole grain. But remember! If you’re looking for whole grains, watch out for (and avoid) pearled grains, which cook faster because much of their bran layer has been polished off. This process allows hot water to permeate and cook the grain faster, but results in a refined grain product.

We hope you’ll be able to add some excitement back into your cooking routine this month! Check out all the ways to get involved on this Whole Day for Whole Grain and remember to share your new whole grain experiences with us on social media with the #samplewholegrains or in the comments below. (Abby)

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