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A bilingual Whole Grain Stamp for use in Canada was launched in early 2008, providing Canadian shoppers with an easy way to identify products containing significant amounts of whole grain.

Click here to see information in English, for Canadian consumers.

Cliquez ici, pour les renseignements en français. 

Qualifying Products in Canada

In Canada, the 100% Stamp can only appear on products where 100% of the ingredients are whole grain. (In the U.S., by contrast, products where 100% of the grain is whole grain, can use the 100% Whole Grain Stamp.) This means that in Canada a bag of brown rice, or a sack of whole grain flour, or a box of oatmeal can use the 100% Stamp, as long as they have no added non-whole-grain ingredients.

Similarly, in Canada, the 50%+ Stamp can only appear on products where at least half of the product (by weight) is whole grain. (In the U.S., by contrast, products where at least half of the grain is whole grain, can use the 50%+ Stamp.)

As in the U.S., Canadian products must contain at least 8g of whole grain per serving to bear the Whole Grain Stamp. All requirements for using the Basic Stamp are the same in the U.S. and in Canada.

We recommend that all WGC members using the Stamp in Canada start by reviewing a copy of the Canadian Stamp Usage Guide (available here).

Graphics for the Canadian Whole Grain Stamp

The Canadian Stamp uses the same colors and key graphics as the U.S. Stamp, in bilingual form. There is no “fine print” under the Stamp but members may be interested to know that Canadian dietary guidance recommends all Canadians make half their grains whole, and advises 3 servings or more for everyone 9 years or older.

The Canadian Stamp graphics are available on our Download Stamp Graphics page. Contact Vik Bensen (617-896-4810 or if you have any questions.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

We launched the Canadian version of the Whole Grain Stamp after extensive discussions with CFIA, and after receipt of a “not object” letter from CFIA. If your regulatory department would like to review a copy of CFIA’s letter to determine if the use of the Whole Grain Stamp is appropriate for your company and your products, you can download the (48K PDF) letter here.