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Through the Whole Grains Council, members can receive various free support materials, which help spread the word about whole grains and the work of the WGC. These materials, described in full below, include:

  • “Just Ask for Whole Grains” Buttons and Stickers

  • Whole Grain Stamp Trade Show Sign (with self-easel)

  • Whole Grains Every Day poster

  • Whole Grains 101 Brochure

  • Web Content – WGC members are welcome to repurpose virtually all WGC website content — just ask us first, and give us credit and a link back to our site. Why reinvent the wheel, when we have quick features on whole grains that you can “borrow” for your website (perfect for adding some fresh content to your website for Whole Grains Month or anytime of the year). Here’s a sample FAQ.

How to Order

Materials are free, but if you’re ordering more than two units total, please give us a shipping account number (FedEx or UPS) so we may stretch our budget to cover more materials. Contact Send an email to Katherine Kelley ( if you are interested in any of these materials, described in full below.

Item Size of Item QTY in a unit Weight, one unit
Just Ask Buttons 1” diameter 100 buttons (1 bag) 12 ounces
Just Ask Stickers 1.5” diameter 1000 stickers (1 roll) 9 ounces
Stamp Easel Sign 8”x10” 1 sign 4 ounces
WG Poster 18”x24” 1 poster, in a tube 6 ounces


“Just Ask for Whole Grains” Buttons and Stickers

We have small 1” lapel buttons saying “Just Ask for Whole Grains” available to members. Give them away at your next event to get everyone thinking about whole grains. Just email us and tell us how many you need. They’re free in resonable quantities to members who promise to use them to faithfully promote whole grains! Stickers (on rolls) measuring 1.5” in diameter and with a similar graphic are also available. Here’s what the buttons and the stickers look like:



Whole Grain Stamp easel sign, for trade shows

When you’re showing your products at a trade show or event, it can be handy to display this 8” x 10” sign. At a glance, it summarizes the qualifications for all three varieties of the Whole Grain Stamp – 100% 50%+, and Basic. Sign is mounted on black foamcore for durability, and includes a black cardboard self-easel stand on the back. Get several, for all your upcoming shows.


Trade Show Sign WGC


Whole Grains Every Day poster

This 18”x24” poster looks great in stores, tradeshow booths, classrooms or health clinics. It reinforces the importance of making whole grain choices every day, and reminds everyone of the many delicious and familiar whole grain choices that are available. 


 Welcome to Whole Grains (Whole Grains 101) Brochure

Colorful tri-fold brochures to help the consumer understand whole grains.  Ask us about customizing the brochure with your logo and company contact information.