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Field of Wheat
Contrary to popular belief, there are actually only a few food crops that are grown as GMOs, including just one grain. And it's not the one you might think!...
Cover of the cookbook Mother Grains, leaning on red vase with dried flowers
The new cookbook Mother Grains, by Roxana Jullapat, is a beautiful ode to not only to the amazing flavors baking with whole grains can yield, but to the growing local grain economies that are increasing access to whole grains and whole grain flours.
colorful houses in Denmark
Understanding that grains can feed more people when the nutritious bran and germ aren’t polished off, and when grains reach the mouths of people, rather than livestock, the Danish government responded to wartime food shortages by promoting a (mostly) vegetarian diet based around whole grains,...
Whole Grain Sampling Day Character 2020
This year our annual Whole Grain Sampling Day has a whole new twist and we can’t wait to get you involved.
Handful of whole grains
Plant based diets continue to grow in popularity. Moving towards a more plant based diet means a partial or full departure from animal products which are a main source of protein for many. Never fear! By making the switch to whole grains, you can get a protein boost at each and every meal of the...
Womanbaking Fotolia 84454671.jpg
Being a great cook often means working smarter, not harder. Today we’re reflecting on some of the best whole grain cooking strategies we’ve picked up over the years. With these tips and tricks up your sleeve, even the most reluctant of cooks can perfectly cook whole grains every single time.
Child and parent choosing whole grain bread at grocery store
Whole grains support children’s growth and development and introducing whole grain foods early helps promote life-long healthy eating habits.
Quinoa In Field.jpg
Since the quinoa craze around a decade ago, the question has been thrown around — which ancient grain will rocket to stardom next?
millet with zucchini and chickpeas
It’s nutritious, it’s environmentally friendly, and it has a rich history in many traditional cuisines. Have you had this UN-approved whole grain?
Bowl of millet grains
With increased public discourse about sustainability and the effects of climate change on our agricultural systems, it’s no surprise that we are frequently asked questions about which grains are the most sustainable. This turns out to be an extremely complex question to answer.
a bowl of orzo pasta and veggies in a white bowl
In celebration for International Whole Grain Day on November 19, we’re joining the Whole Grain Initiative in sharing whole grain tips and tricks all month long!
Best Pumpkin Pie Ever
If you want to make a cozy pumpkin recipe even more hearty, the secret is simple: just add whole grains! The nutty, rich, subtly sweet taste of whole grains is the perfect match for all things pumpkin and pumpkin spice.