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Students enjoying lunch in the cafeteria
Children across the United States may soon notice a new whole grain in their school lunches: sorghum!
Delicious whole grain oats
Some wonder if the relationship between grains and diabetes has less to do with the type of grain and more to do with the type of food. Luckily, research can help us answer this question.
Grain Mascot Sharing Cookies for Instagram
We hope you're ready to get in the whole grain spirit and party right along with us!...
Millet porridge topped with cherry compote and almonds
Versatile and nutritious, millet is a true powerhouse.
bowl of granola
If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between grams of fiber and grams of whole grain in a product, you’re certainly not alone. Originally posted October 30, 2008, updated July 20, 2022.
A blond elementary student selecting food in a lunch line
In a new study using data from over 2.2 million real-world lunches, researchers quantified the environmental footprint of each lunch served to see if they could determine patterns and form recommendations for more sustainable lunches. They found that increasing whole grain requirements is one of...
Assorted Grains in bowls and slices of bread
When people are looking for functional foods to improve various health concerns, odds are, they’re looking to whole grains. To get a better view of consumer understanding of whole grains and health, we're diving into the results from the newly released 2022 IFIC Food and Health Survey...
picture of Arroz Con Pollo, a recipe from our book
What exactly are people pairing with this tried-and-true whole grain, and which people are reaching for it most often? To learn more about brown rice trends, we caught up with Cameron Jacobs of USA Rice to share insights from USA Rice’s Research on Rice Eating Occasions compiled by The Hartman...
view of a shimmering late surrounded by hills in summer
Join us for a weekend getaway in Vermont, July 15-17, 2022 and get behind-the-scenes access to the passionate growers, millers, bakers, and distillers powering the grain revival in this beautiful area of the Northeast.
a bowl of acai smoothie topped with granola and colorful fruit
No matter what type of diet people are drawn to, nearly everyone recognizes the importance of fiber for good nutrition. However, many are surprised to learn that the fiber from whole grains may offer specific health benefits that can’t be replicated with fruits or vegetables alone.
Examples of nutrient profiling systems used around the world
When nutrient profiling systems work well, they help guide shoppers toward products that contribute to an overall diet more closely aligned with dietary recommendations. However, not all nutrient profiling systems are created equal and many of them overlook whole grains entirely.
kernel of grain popping out of tasting bowl to announce Whole Day for Whole Grain
A Whole Day for Whole Grain is just the thing to nudge you out of the pandemic cooking doldrums.