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a bowl of orzo pasta and veggies in a white bowl
In celebration for International Whole Grain Day on November 19, we’re joining the Whole Grain Initiative in sharing whole grain tips and tricks all month long!
Best Pumpkin Pie Ever
If you want to make a cozy pumpkin recipe even more hearty, the secret is simple: just add whole grains! The nutty, rich, subtly sweet taste of whole grains is the perfect match for all things pumpkin and pumpkin spice.
Assorted dry whole grain pastas
We know that eating a healthy, balanced diet helps prevent many types of chronic disease, so it may come as no surprise to hear that an improved diet can have a profound impact on lowering healthcare costs as well.
Assorted Grains in bowls and slices of bread
In what seems like an entirely different world, last week is when we were set to take off for Rio de Janeiro to host our biennial Whole Grains Conference. We haven’t wasted a moment with the what-could-have-been’s! Check out what we've been up to instead...
man grocery shopping
The best way to choose whole grains is to look for products with the Whole Grain Stamp. When you use the Whole Grains Stamp as a guide, shopping for whole grain foods is not nearly as confusing as headlines may lead you to believe.
Image of the Grainies mascot
Allow us to introduce the Grainie Awards!
Examples of the three types of Whole Grain Stamp
It is not surprising that the subjects of a new study struggled to correctly quantify the whole grain content of foods, given that the authors failed to take advantage the most valuable tool for quantifying whole grain content of food products: the Whole Grain Stamp.
Plate of Injera with stews and sauces
No longer breaking news, sourdough baking has been on the rise for months now, and hopefully is here to stay! The WGC is chiming in to remind you that the world of sourdough isn’t just limited to the fresh, crunchy European-style loaves we are used to seeing on social media and baking blogs...
photo of bags of wheat berries at a farmers market
In this blog we’re going to explore the wonderful world of whole wheat, highlighting both modern and ancient wheat berries (like farro), as well as quicker-cooking ground or cracked wheats (like bulgur).
Two pieces of whole grain toast with tomatoes and avocados
While several organizations, like the WGC, have been promoting whole grains for years, it's exciting to see a new wave of whole grain initiatives getting started in the UK, Indonesia, East Africa, and other regions...
Red tractor harvesting field
Transparency in every step an ingredient takes to one’s plate has proved to be anything but a fad as consumer awareness continues to grow and encompass new questions and concerns.
bowl of granola
With its inviting, sweet taste and snackable crunchy texture, granola is a great “gateway” whole grain food. Learn our tips for choosing the healthiest granola and creative ways to use this family favorite food.