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a bowl of acai smoothie topped with granola and colorful fruit
No matter what type of diet people are drawn to, nearly everyone recognizes the importance of fiber for good nutrition. However, many are surprised to learn that the fiber from whole grains may offer specific health benefits that can’t be replicated with fruits or vegetables alone.
Examples of nutrient profiling systems used around the world
When nutrient profiling systems work well, they help guide shoppers toward products that contribute to an overall diet more closely aligned with dietary recommendations. However, not all nutrient profiling systems are created equal and many of them overlook whole grains entirely.
kernel of grain popping out of tasting bowl to announce Whole Day for Whole Grain
A Whole Day for Whole Grain is just the thing to nudge you out of the pandemic cooking doldrums.
a whole wheat sandwich sliced diagonally atop a white plate
If you have whiplash from following the ever-changing whole grain requirements in U.S. school meals, you’re not alone. Take a trip down memory lane with us to review the key updates shaping whole grain requirements in schools, and learn about the newly announced rule impacting school meals today.
If it seems like there are more whole grain options available in the grocery store aisles today than ever before, that’s because it’s true! New research demonstrates just how much progress there has been in making whole grain options more accessible.
raw sorghum grain next to popped sorghum grain
Expand your whole grain knowledge and get to know the ancient grain, sorghum!
Bowl of millet grains
How can we move towards a more sustainable diet without alienating cultural food preferences? Researchers at The University of Delaware created models to address this dilemma. The key ingredient to their approach? Whole grains!
Barley Salad
With its emphasis on plant-based ingredients, it's no surprise that the Mediterranean Diet celebrates whole grains in a big way. Barley, buckwheat, bulgur, farro, freekeh, millet, oats, brown rice, rye, and spelt form the foundation of Mediterranean whole grain eating...
Variety of Food on a Table
In a season where warm, rich, celebratory meals and holiday desserts are the order of the hour, whole grains can not only be incorporated, but can elevate your holiday cooking and baking to a whole other level.
Assorted Grains in bowls and slices of bread
On November 2, 2021, the American Heart Association (AHA) updated their dietary guidance for the first time in 15 years. Not surprisingly, whole grains remain a key feature of a heart-healthy diet.
Field of Rye
Climate change and global warming are issues that demand innovation and a rethinking of the status quo at just about every level.
Whole Grains: Its time to act for you and the planet! Join us November 16, 9.30ET
November brings with it a noticeable hum of excitement in the global whole grain community as International Whole Grain Day approaches! This year, the WGI International Whole Grain Day celebration focuses on why choosing whole grains is good for you, and for the planet.