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handout showing how whole grains are good for you
Grain-free cookbooks and celebrities may cause a stir, but ask Americans what they really think is healthy and you might be pleasantly surprised.
World Map Whole Grain Consumption
Whole grain consumption differs radically from country to country. A fascinating global database now makes it possible to compare eating habits around the world.
A pile of artisan bread loaves
Instead of looking toward technology and advancement when we think about the future of bread, the Bread Symposium speakers assembled in Charlotte agreed that it’s time to turn back to the old ways of baking.
Kellytoups Wholewheatpastatomatoesbasil.png
Embracing traditional diets means embracing a diet with more whole grains, not fewer. Misguided dieters who avoid this nutritious, sustainable food group are putting themselves at risk of not only nutrient deficiencies, but possibly chronic disease and weight problems as well.
Tastes Good, Good for You
Let's all make a point to spread the word about the wonderful tastes and textures of whole grains, and let health just come along silently for the ride...
A table piled with loaves of different kinds of bread
"Bread is an innovation of culture," William Rubel reminded us at the International Symposium on Bread last month. "Everything about bread is a choice that the baker makes." Bread, in its many forms, has been around for a very long time. In fact, it’s so basic and simple that it...
multigrain fried rice
When you think of grain foods in China, you’d be forgiven if white rice is the first thing that comes to mind. But as China gears up to feed a growing population, and ward off the diet-related chronic diseases that Americans are all too familiar with, the tradition of whole grains in China is being...
Clean labels make sense – but only if whole grains are part of what constitutes top-quality ingredients.
child chopping veggies
A spelt salad with cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, cranberries, cucumbers, and balsamic vinaigrette sounds like something you'd find at a Junior League luncheon, not on a 10-year-old’s cafeteria tray. But today's little foodies are surprising adults with how open-minded their tastebuds are...
Which Brazilian whole grain is real?
Last week the WGC was invited to Brazil to share information about whole grain definitions, consumer attitudes, and the Whole Grain Stamp with government regulators and manufacturers. Get a peek at whole grains in a Brazilian supermarket – and share key takeaways from the Brasilia workshop.
Picture of globe on a plate with a fork and knife
A 2017 climate and diet study found that the carbon emissions reduction that would result from adopting healthier diets, would be equivalent to every person driving 500-2000 fewer miles each year. The emissions reduction from this diet change alone would allow the US to meet between 6-24% of the US...
Signage at Mei Mei in Boston
It is difficult to stand out among the ever growing list of food holidays, but then again, we’ve never been ones to back down from a challenge. In the six years since its inception, Whole Grain Sampling Day has blossomed into a full-fledged community event, complete with recipe tastings, giveaways,...