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Millet requires very little water and tends to be resistant to many of the pathogens and pests that plague commodity crops like corn and wheat. Given these agricultural benefits, it’s no wonder millet’s popularity is on the rise in dry regions from Asia, to Africa, to our very own Western US.
In the past five years alone, more than 100 new studies have deepened our understanding of the health benefits of whole grains. Follow along the research journey, and learn why nutrition experts recommend this one simple swap for better health.
Perennial wheat roots (on right) vs annual wheat roots
80-85% of the world’s plant-based food supply comes from annual plants, that have to be grown from scratch every year. Experts worldwide think perennial grains, with long, drought-resistant roots, make more sense in a time of climate change.
a box full of fresh tortillas
Since October’s grain of the month is corn, we hope you’ll indulge us as we take you on a quick journey south of the border and bring you fresh culinary inspiration you can take straight to your kitchen.
Young Boy Eating a Sandwich on Whole Wheat Bread
As a wrap up to September’s Good Grains for a Good Cause campaign, we’re pleased to award Okanogan County Community Action Council with a whopping 125 cases of whole grain foods, generously donated from food companies across the country. Read on about how these donations are making a difference in...
Indonesian Red Rice Salad
Brown rice is whole grain; white rice isn't. That's the truth – but it's not the whole truth. Prepare to be dazzled by black, purple and red rice too...
Lots of whole grains are tasty and affordable. If you’ve walked past any of these grains in favor of trendier, flashier ingredients, it’s time to do a double take. The building blocks of a healthy meal may already be in your pantry. 
When the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act shifted the landscape for what types of foods were allowed to be sold at schools, these students did not sit around and complain. Rather, they put on their aprons and got to work.
Good Grains for a Good Cause
Every September we boost our love of whole grains up another notch for 30 days. Here's our handy FAQ guide to Whole Grains Month, so you can celebrate along with us:...
Examples of Soulfull Project products
For low-income families and individuals struggling to make ends meet, the barrier of cost and the frequent lack of proximate access to foods like whole grains can make finding healthy food options seem almost impossible. The folks at The Soulfull Project decided to do something about it!
salad with buckwheat
While you may have encountered buckwheat in soba noodles, blinis, or countless gluten-free pancake mixes, it is the grain's minimalist, no-boiling-needed treatment that has spurred the most culinary creativity in our kitchen...
CPK Power Bowls
If you love whole grains, and want to see more of them served in restaurants, you need to vote with your forks – and your wallets. That’s why, every few months, we dedicate this blog to highlighting a few delicious new restaurant dishes featuring whole grains.