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Processed food gets a bum rap, but not all “processed foods” are created equal. In fact, some methods, such as fermentation or sprouting, can be used to leverage even more nutrition out of the grain.
Osttiroler Mill
Are the old ways of milling always healthier than today’s modern ways? Since our organization is named “Oldways” you might expect our answer to be a quick “yes.” But the facts paint a more interesting picture.
Favorite 2016 Blogs
Find out which Whole Grains Council blogs attracted the most readers during 2016 – and catch up on the popular topics you may have missed during the year.
Molasses Sorghum Cookies
In recent years, as I’ve become more and more enamored with the wonderful flavors and textures of whole grains, I have begun seeking out recipes that trigger nostalgic childhood memories, but that pack more of a nutritional punch.
NRA's 2017 culinary forecast
The chefs have spoken, and with their insight we’ve got a pretty good look at what the next year in food will look like. Whole grain enthusiasts are in for a treat!
Woman Shopping
Make sure you’re getting the best value on the grain foods you buy, while avoiding three common traps.
Farm equipment in field at sunset
In 2015 the Smiths, crop farmers in Michigan, decided to plant 33 acres of teff for the first time. The creation of their new teff business was an opportunity to react and adjust to unfavorable, unsustainable economic conditions in commodities markets and carve a new path for themselves.
vegetable appetizers served with skordalia and barley rusks
Though we love our usual quinoa salads and morning oatmeal, we have been especially delighted to encounter less ubiquitous whole grains during a particularly whirlwind bout of jet setting.
Alessio Fasano
Two decades ago, almost no one in the world had heard of celiac disease or gluten, while today both these terms are mainstream, in large part thanks to one man: Dr. Alessio Fasano.
Picture of Rice Field
How do small farmers compete and thrive in a food system geared toward Big Agriculture? The answer almost always involves farmers banding together, often in concert with millers and manufacturers.
multigrain bread
Consumers are demanding higher quality, more flavorful foods than ever before, a fact particularly evident in the surge of artisan, whole grain breads. But when exactly did whole grain loaves become the new standard?
Bob Moore Wins Golden Spurtle
Who makes the best porridge in the world? Bob Moore, according to Scottish judges.