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Stamp Out Complex Labels
Are you daunted by the number of ingredients listed for some baked goods? Help is on the way, with "cleaner" labels thanks to whole grains, sprouted grains, sourdough, and natural preservatives like rosemary...
Spread with Latin American foods including salsa, guacamole and tortillas
Whole grains have always composed a significant part of traditional diets in every region of the world. This week we take a look at a few traditional whole grain foods around the world that continue to tantalize palates and influence local cuisines.
collage of photos from Whole Grain Sampling Day
It’s hard to believe the huge flavor potential that grains can offer until you introduce your taste buds to whole grains.
Karen Mansur in Korean video
The WGC has covered tens of thousands of miles worldwide, spreading the word about whole grains. What a wonderful, strange trip it's been so far!...
Millstones in the upper level of the Plimoth Plantation Grist Mill
On a frigid, blustery Saturday in March, farmers, millers, bakers, maltsters, brewers, distillers, and chefs from around the region gathered at Plimoth Plantation’s recently renovated Grist Mill to make new connections and strategize ways of growing the local grain economy.
seniors with their arms raised
Around the world, there are pockets of vibrant, healthy 90- and 100-year-olds who have never taken a wheat grass shot or a multivitamin, and never stepped foot inside a gym. They stayed active into their 8th, 9th, and 10th decades by living a simple life complete with daily activity, deep social...
Sourdough Breads / Oldways photo
My gut instincts told me whole grain sourdough is about as good as bread comes. When I looked at the evidence, I was even more convinced.
Oatmeal with bananas and blueberries
When we’re told to get more good bacteria in our diet, yogurt gets all of the glory. But as researchers learn more about what constitutes a healthy gut microbiome, the case for making more of your grains whole gets stronger and stronger.
Compare two rices
Four in ten people say cost is a barrier to eating more whole grains. But is that true? The evidence we uncovered in a typical grocery store aisle may surprise you.
image shows pantry with jars full of dried grains and spices
Have you ever seen a mouth-watering recipe online or in the newspaper and thought, if only they’d used whole grains instead of white rice or white pasta, I’d definitely be having that for dinner! We commonly field questions from home cooks with new recipes they’d like to try, or favorite, tried-and...
assorted whole grains in a basket and burlap bags
When it comes to maximizing the flavor and aroma of whole grain flour, nothing compares to freshly ground. We checked in with a few of the folks pushing to make fresh milling and local flours more widely available.
Delicious whole grain oats
How exactly is the nutrition of grains preserved, on their journey from farm to factory? We're investigating how two common industrial processing methods (extrusion and popping) can affect the nutrition of whole grains...