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Free food is one of the most reliable ways to draw a crowd, so by offering healthy foods and giving people a risk-free opportunity to try them, people turn out in droves, and open their minds to new, nutritious ingredients in the process.
Vegan Carrot Ginger Muffin Made from Whole Grain Khorasan wheat flour. Image Courtesy of Flour Bakery
Some eateries take a “stealth health” approach, quietly sneaking in more nutrient-dense ingredients, but Flour went a different route. Find out about Flour's new whole grain menu launch, and how this James Beard Award winning baker is giving her classic pastries a whole grain twist...
Cover of the Whole Grains Around the World book
When it comes to experiencing food traditions from around the world, your own kitchen can unlock endless culinary adventures – no expensive plane tickets necessary.
multigrain bread
Once a supporting actor, typecast for Reuben sandwiches and pumpernickel, rye is showing off its range in a number of different roles.
Teff Polenta with Ethiopian Chicken Stew
Whole grains are a part of heritage diets around the world, but did you know that Africa is home to more native grains than any other continent?
Delicious whole grain oats
Grain foods have sustained civilizations for decades, from barley and wheat in the Fertile Crescent, to millet and rice in Asia. So it’s puzzling that for some folks experiencing intestinal distress, whole grains such as whole wheat may mistakenly end up on the chopping block.
Example of the 50%+ Stamp
We noticed that many consumers wanted to be able to tell when they were buying a product that had been made primarily with whole grains. It seemed like a no-brainer to create a Stamp that would help consumers ensure they were making at least half their grains whole.
Breads F34251145 Xl 0.jpg
Choosing whole grain bread in place of refined white bread is often one of the first steps on the journey to healthier eating. But if you think this simple swap might not yield tangible results, you’re in for a surprise.
cartons of milked oats & milked rice
If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to whole grain options, you might want to think again. We don’t often think of whole grains as something we might drink, but Elmhurst’s new whole grain Milked Oats and Milked Rice plant-based milk alternatives are marching their way onto grocery shelves...
WGC staff at the Whole Grain Summit in Vienna
For three blustery November days, we convened in Vienna, Austria to join more than 200 academics, public health experts, and industry executives at the 2017 Whole Grain Summit. Get a behind-the-scenes look here...
Bread made with Kamut (Khorasan) wheat
Is ancient wheat healthier than modern wheat? In some respects, it may be. Originally posted March 21, 2013; updated in 2017 to include information about more recent health studies.
A sunny field of Kamut
Whether because of the unique flavor of KAMUT® khorasan wheat, or because of the growing body of research about its nutritional attributes, or perhaps simply because of the posh, trendy position it holds as an ancient grain with a good story, interest in KAMUT® has grown significantly in recent...